1.2.2 Marco Legal Para Efectos De Seguridad Social

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XXIX. The Social Security Act is in the public interest and includes disability, old age, life, involuntary leave from work, sickness and accident, childcare and all other insurance for the protection and well-being of workers, farmers, workers and other social sectors and their families. This law is generally respected throughout the Republic, in the form and under the conditions it establishes, its provisions are of public order and social interest. The Institute shall compile and classify beneficiary information in order to formulate the salary scales regulated by this Act, average seniority, mortality and morbidity tables and, in general, the statistics and actuarial calculations necessary to channel and maintain the financial balance of resources and to provide adequate and effective assurance. to comply. Benefits and services for the administration for which he is legally responsible. On the basis of the results of the actuarial calculations made, the corresponding changes must be proposed to the federal executive. Effects of benefits on statutory employment and industrial relations. It should be noted that article 77 of the Social Security Act, despite the fact that there are five days to comply with the obligation to register employees for social security, provides that, if an accident occurs between the date of employment of that employee and the day of his registration with the Mexican Social Security Institute, despite the fact that there is in no case a working day, the employer is relieved of the responsibility of covering the constituent capital. The organization and management of social security within the meaning of this law are responsible for the decentralized public institution with its own legal personality and assets, tripartite operational integration, since it is managed by the public, social and private sector, the so-called Mexican Institute of Social Security, which also has the character of an autonomous fiscal authority. In ordinary work procedures, the qualification of the job offer refers to the employer stating that he has not dismissed the employee and that his work is still available. In this context, the Supreme Court of the Nation indicated that it would be ill-intentioned for the employee`s notice of withdrawal to be made before the IMSS within a period of less than fifteen days from the date on which the employee requested his dismissal. On the other hand, it is not considered bad faith if the revocation takes place after the expiry of that period, since it is reasonable for the employer to terminate the IMSS in order to no longer introduce employee-employer quotas in the abovementioned institution.

Keep records, such as pay slips and lists, that invariably record the number of days worked and the wages received from their employees. For better management of the company`s accounting, clarity of payments made and concepts deducted, it is necessary that they include: name, designation or business name of the employer, number of its registration with the IMSS and the Federal Register of Constituents (RFC). Employee`s full name, RFC, Unique Population Registry Code (PRB), length of day, date of entry to work, type and amount of employees` wages. What it includes and the periodicity set for the payment of wages. Total amount of salary earned, as well as the concepts and amounts of deductions and deductions made. Units of work of time. The Social Security Act stipulates that all such records must be kept for a period of five years after their date, unlike the Federal Labour Act, which stipulates that all documents relating to the employment relationship must be kept by the employer for a period of one year. Therefore, in this case, it is advisable to follow the Social Security Act. The purpose of social security is to guarantee the right to health, medical care, protection of means of subsistence and social services necessary for individual and collective well-being, as well as the granting of a State-guaranteed pension, if necessary and subject to compliance with legal requirements. Attention to retirees, retirees and the disabled, sports promotion programs, funeral services, care for the well-being and development of children, the worker who receives a loan from a financial institution to apply it to the payment of the construction or purchase of his room, can use as a deposit for the construction or acquisition the balance of his sub-account of the housing fund. Similarly, contributions to the above-mentioned sub-account after the granting of the credit will be used to cover the outstanding balance.

Social security is the basic instrument of social security established under this Act as a public service of a national nature, without prejudice to the systems established by other legal systems. 3. Social services for individual and collective well-being. If an employer or an obligated entity, irrespective of its legal personality or economic nature, makes available, on the basis of a contract, whatever its form or designation, employees or other insurance institutions within the framework of the commitments entered into in order to provide the agreed services or works under the direction of the beneficiary, in the facilities designated by him, the beneficiary of the work or Services the obligations set out in this Act in respect of such employees, in the event that the employer does not comply with them, provided that the Institute has previously informed the employer of the corresponding requirement and that it has not taken care of it. The employer is obliged to register his employees with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), to notify any change in his salary or personal data and to present the dismissal corresponding to the end of the employment relationship. You have 5 working days to do so. Property and maternity insurance, preventive medical care, medical and maternity care, physical and mental rehabilitation, occupational risks, retirement, unemployment of the elderly and old age, personal loans, planned retirement, arrangements for receiving a pension by dividing the total amount of funds in the individual account for which the life expectancy of pensioners is taken into account, as well as predictable returns on balances, pension insurance (SAR), Education and Training Programs. The NSSO has its legal basis in Article 123, Section XXIX, of the CPEUM, where it is considered a non-profit organisation for the general benefit of all social sectors and their families. Social security legislation in Mexico Hiring workers helps employers obtain economic benefits with their company, so the employer must recognize its commitment to compensate society by promoting favorable hiring scenarios and good conditions for all its employees.